Infraheat structure dryer Maxi 400

Infraheat structure dryer Maxi 400

  • Infraheat is especially well suited for drying concrete structures in new buildings and in objects.damaged by humidity.Depending on the circumstances the correct degree of dryness can be obtained after 1 – 7 weeks’ drying,
  • The temperature of the object to be drying rises during drying to app.50 – 60 °C.when there is free ventilation around the object (for instance a joist slab),
  • If there is heat insulation under the slab.the surface temperature of the concrete may maximally rise to 50 – 60 °C.A 100 mm concrete slab.which is insulated underneath.will achieve an even temperature in 2,5 – days,
  • The energy consumption of the apparatus is low and heating is.if one so wishes.noiseless,

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Infraheat structure dryer Maxi 40

  •  The drying power of Infraheat is based upon increasing the temperature of the a result of which the partial pressure of the water vapour in the pores of the structure increases and the water vapour is released from the structure into the surrounding air.The warm structure also heats the ambient room space and improves the condensing power of the air in the room.One should also take care that ventilation is sufficient in the space to be that the air in the room may receive the humidity released from the structures,
  • The drying power of the device is better.the higher the temperature of the structure is during drying.A high temperature may cause cracking in a fresh concrete or filler surface.which must be taken into account when regulating the drying temperature.New concrete surfaces shall be well finished and the structure must be sufficiently solid before drying.The use of a ventilator decreases surface temperature significantly,The best drying results are obtained in objects with a normal room temperature,
  • Infreaheat heats the object to be heated immediately below the heater,The 20 mm distance between the device and the surface to be dried allows the humidity to be released also upwards,
  • The humidity of the structure to be dried is measured at a spot that has been cooled off to normal.ambient temperature,
  • If several Infraheat heaters are used parallel.the distance between the heaters must not exceed 300 mm in order to keep drying performance optimal,
  • Infreaheat is also well suited for drying wall and ceiling structures and drying of all other structures.which can withstand a temperature of 80 – 85 °C,
Teho (W) 400
Jännite (V) 230
Mitat (leveys.pituus.korkeus) 1200 x 600 x 70 mm.liitosjohto 2m


Paino 14000.00 g (gramma)


Teho (W)



1200 x 600 x 70 mm.liitosjohto 2m


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